Tom Draffen

Chief Operating Officer

Call Sign:


Tom is the COO of the OAS Team.

Education & Experience

  • B.S. in Information Technology Management
  • M.S. in Organizational Leadership
  • ICF Certified Coach – Associate Certified Coach
  • Certifications: Polarity Thinking Foundations, Project Management Professional

Chief Operations Officer for Objective Area Solutions, Tom Draffen provides a strategic role in shaping the company’s activities.  Tom leverages his extensive technical and leadership experience to provide oversight of company processes, technology solutions, and employee performance.  He is a seasoned consultant with experience in complex government and private sector organizations.

Tom has widespread experience abroad and is proficient at managing international and cross-cultural teams. He has an undergraduate degree in IT Management, has completed the accredited coach training program at George Mason University and has a graduate degree in Organizational Leadership. He was the Founding Director of the Kings Connection non-profit that serves parent, teacher, and staff engagement at Kofa High School in Yuma, Arizona and is currently a trustee for the Growth Edge Network, a non-profit dedicated the research and practitioner community in adult development. Tom and his wife split their time between Virginia and New York where they are opening a bed and breakfast.

What did you do prior to joining OAS?

23+ year Marine Corps career, beginning as a operational air traffic controller, navigating tactical, operational, and strategic program and planning objectives, instructor time and senior leadership support.

What is something you are passionate about most people wouldn't know?

Inspiring the value of stewardship, an understanding and appreciation for the choices and decisions we get to hold ourselves accountable to on behalf of service to our world and each other.

What is your favorite book?

Flatland, by Edwin Abbott Abbott (duplicate last name is correct.)

What sport, hobby, or passion do you have outside of work?

I’m a die-hard competitive cycling fan. You find me very often on a Saturday morning watching live-streams of obscure bike races somewhere in Europe in all weather and conditions!

What is a hidden talent of yours?

What is a super strength of yours?