Organizational Performance for Technical Teams

Today's Technical Teams Demand All Systems Go

With organizational demands and goals increasing, you need each and every team member to give their 100%. But there’s no place tougher to make that happen than in the high-stress, safety-critical, innovation-driven aviation arena.

As former air traffic controllers, operations managers, military leaders, union representatives, operators, and pilots, OAS’ select team understands your environment’s unique organizational performance and technical challenges. As consultants, we leverage our insider knowledge and proven expertise to ensure you overcome them.

We know how to get people and programs on track, how to transform talent into teams and leaders, how to elevate optimization through best practices and refined processes, and how to drive innovation. Our customized organizational performance solutions can ensure your technical teams are all systems go.


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Organizational Performance for Technical Teams through:

Strategic Planning

No mission was ever accomplished without a map. Envisioning and defining where your organization needs to go and identifying the best path to get there is critical to organizational optimization and goal achievement. Our proven systematic planning process delivers the highly targeted, strategic map you can count on to get there.


There’s no “i” in team. Sure it’s a cliche, but that’s because it’s a ubiquitous problem nearly all leaders and teams face. Our proven concepts and customized activities help transform a group of individually contributing employees into a cohesive, collaborative, aligned team.


You and your teams don’t have time to waste. Meeting and workshop effectiveness should be measurable. Our professional and certified facilitators ensure you get results by ensuring issue clarity among participants, creating a highly interactive environment, and fostering decision consensus.

Employee Engagement

Performance is directly linked to engagement. We help ensure your team members by helping you understand where their motivation stands, and what it will take to raise it up. We lead assessments, then analyze findings to give you a clear picture and actionable plan for getting the best results out of every employee.

Leadership Development, Executive Coaching and Training

The systematic development of good leaders is fundamental to long-term organizational success. Our development, coaching and training services leverage our deep expertise to ensure our clients build the best foundation for leadership growth and effectiveness.


Collaboration takes teamwork to the next level, enabling individuals to work together towards a common purpose
to achieve a common goal—and large teams find common ground. Our subject matter experts foster and facilitate collaboration from the smallest teams to much more complex Federal Government Labor-Management engagements.

Assessments and Evaluation

Measurement is key to momentum. We design or adopt the right instrument to evaluate, analyze, and define the right strategy to ensure your individuals, teams, and organization moves forward.

Change Management

Change doesn’t have to be hard. We engage with leaders to support, direct and implement tested strategies and methods to successfully effect change. Then continue easing the transition through deep engagement with teams and individual employees to ensure they adapt to the challenges and aspirations ahead.

Customer Experience (CX)

We all have customers—and keeping them satisfied is critical to our ultimate success. Regardless of who your customers are, we can help you assess the value of their experience. Our team of Customer Experience Management (CEM) experts analyze all CX activities then create a structure and mindset designed to ensure our clients have the information they need to deliver the best CX possible.