Aviation safety and airport operations

Seamless Operations All the Way to Touchdown

Driving efficiency and innovation is challenging under any circumstances, but for those in the Airports arena, where every function must be optimized to ensure safety and efficiency throughout the entire operation — the challenges can be extreme, especially in the face of dramatic demand shifts like those during the COVID pandemic.

OAS’ select team of civil, military, and private sector aviation leaders and top technical experts understand your environment’s unique safety and airport needs.

We partner with our clients to ensure national and international regulatory compliance, operational requirement alignment, and smooth technology adoption to help provide seamless operational efficiency that can elevate customer satisfaction.

Together, we define customized safety solutions to ensure seamless operations all the way to touchdown.


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Aviation Safety and Airport Operations through:

Safety Planning, Training, and Management

Few industries could have more critical and dynamic safety considerations than aviation. Our multifaceted team expertise ensures you keep safety locked in. We deliver support and services across the spectrum of aviation safety from strategic planning through ongoing management and operations.

Procedure Design and Modification

A holistic view towards airport operations ensures procedures are accurate and relevant to an evolving environment. Our
team partners with airports to assess, troubleshoot, and ensure everything from the Airport Master Plan to day-to-day operations are aligned to documented and current procedures.

Airport Advocacy

Airports need advocates. Our team of experts, which include former FAA leaders, are highly respected within the key FAA/NAS programs impacting airports. Our long-standing relationships and depth of institutional knowledge ensures our airport client’s needs, concerns and considerations are incorporated into critical national plans for airspace modernization and improvements.

Joint-Use Airfield Planning

Joint-Use Airfields hold unique requirements and considerations, we understand because we’ve been there throughout our extensive civil, military, and international experience. Our team leverages this expertise to support our clients’ efforts to effectively plan and execute airport programs in the joint-use environment.

Airspace Design and Modifications

Airport evolution and technology improvements tend to take a tough toll on terminal airspace. Our design and modification services ensure airspace around the airfield appropriately aligns to changes on the airfield.

Stakeholder Outreach

Airports are critically connected to their communities, local government, and Federal partners—all are key stakeholders in enabling airport advancement. Our team holds deep expertise in both airport operations as well as the human aspects of collaboration, communication, change management, and facilitation. We engage with key stakeholders to ensure airports gain their allied support.

Emerging and Advancing Technologies

Aviation technology is changing faster than ever, impacting airports in unprecedented ways. Our experts stay on top of aviation technology and concept advancements to ensure any potential negative impacts are identified and transformed into positive airport operations enhancements.