Damon Andersen

Senior Consultant

Call Sign:

Damon is a consultant in surveillance technical programs.

Education & Experience

  • AA - Liberal Arts
  • Cert - Defense Acquisition University, Level I - Program Management
  • Military Training - 5953, Marine Air Traffic Control RADAR Technician School

What did you do prior to joining OAS?

I was a Marine for 25 years. I spent time as an enlisted RADAR technician and as an ATC Electronics Maintenance Officer. From 2017 - 2020, I supported the FAA's Common Terminal Digitizer program, modernizing ASR-8 RADARs.

What is something you are passionate about most people wouldn't know?

I have a strong interest in motorsports and am an avid outdoorsman.

What is your favorite book?

Jack Ryan series (Tom Clancy)

What sport, hobby, or passion do you have outside of work?

I like to tinker with old radios/electronics. I repair and restore older electronics and tube radios (sometimes successfully).

What is a hidden talent of yours?

I make some delicious jerky.

What is a super strength of yours?

I consider myself a Jack of all trades. I've always been self-sufficient and have learned many trades and skills over the years.