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Russell Miller Joins Objective Area Solutions

Falls Church, VA – July 5, 2019 – Objective Area Solutions is thrilled to announce that Russell Miller has joined the team as a Senior Consultant. Russ is highly experienced on the technical and operational level within the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA).  He is a retired Air Traffic Controller, has provided personal leadership coaching which developed many upcoming leaders and has been an internal and external consultant to the FAA/NATCA during periods of cultural modernization.

Russ brings more than three decades of local, regional, and national experience from the FAA and NATCA. In addition to being a retired controller, he combines 20+ years of personal leadership experience and the development of dozens of new leaders with many years as an internal, then external consultant to FAA/NATCA. During this period, the Collaboration program led by Russ directly trained and engaged with the facility managers and principle union representatives in all 315 FAA field facilities within the National Airspace System. The combination of experience as a key decision maker and a consultant to executives during a time of enormous change gives Russ a rare perspective into the blended leadership culture of air traffic professionals.

Russ combined studies in sociology, organizational leadership, and psychology into an undergraduate degree from the National Labor College. He is a lifelong learner and reader and even watches basketball and football with an eye for team culture. He and his wife Lynne enjoy scenic, quiet places, and are eagerly anticipating their first grandchild in the fall.