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Objective Area Solutions Welcomes Dr. Eric Weis to the Team!

Falls Church, VA – June 10, 2019 – Objective Area Solutions is excited to announce Dr. Eric Weis has joined our Team. Dr. Weis will provide organization and leadership development consulting to support company clients.  Dr. Weis is an Executive Leadership Fellow (Executive Development Programs), at the Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland.

A retired U.S.Army Infantry officer with over 25 years of commissioned service, Eric has served in command and executive leadership positions at the direct-,operational-, and strategic-level, ranging in size from 38-2500-person elements in both conventional and special operations units (to include peacetime and combat environments). This wide range of full-spectrum experiences has honed him into an accomplished executive leader, chief of staff, and operations manager with a proven ability to lead, train, and inspire teams for the complex challenges of 21st century landscape. He has demonstrated and achieved tangible success in both large organizations and in foreign countries developing and leveraging multi-cultural strategies and systems specific to the geographical locations and cultural norms. Eric is also a certified Executive Coach and has experience as a professional educator assessing, selecting, training,and developing military and executive leaders.

Following his operational military assignments, Eric earned a Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology from George Mason University in 2012 with emphasis on performance teams and leadership in extreme conditions and has both published and presented research in a variety of military and non-military forums. Eric remains heavily involved in facilitating strategic leadership discussions and workshops, Executive Coaching, leadership consulting, and public speaking endeavors. He currently resides in Arlington, Virginia with his wife and two children.