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Objective Area Solutions Welcomes Allan Storm as Director of Aviation Policy

Objective Area Solutions is excited to have Allan Storm join as Director of Aviation Policy. Allan Storm has nearly 40 years of global communication, navigation, surveillance, and air traffic management (CNS/ATM) expertise with a unique ability to support major aviation technology program implementation, especially in conjunction with policy change. He has supported the highest levels of aviation leadership within the Department of Defense (DoD) as well as the North Atlantic Treaty Organization(NATO).  He has most recently led the effort in developing the DoD/FAA Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast(ADS-B) accommodation Memorandum of Agreement. As an internationally recognized government expert in emerging aviation technology, policy, and planning he has testified in front of Congress on 4 separate occasions.  Allan has been frequently called upon to lead some of the Department of Defense and NATO’s most visible aviation programs and activities, to include: 
     - Lead for DoD – FAA Coordination
     - Chief of DoD Aviation NextGen Lead Service Office
     - Chair of the DoD Planning Board for Aviation International and NextGen Subgroups
     - U.S. Head of Delegation to NATO’s Aviation Committee and ATMCNS Advisory Group 

Allan has led a number of other high visibility aviation initiatives, often with global implications for CNS/ATM concerns involving NextGen technology implementation.  He led and coordinated the strategy of major airspace redesign and emerging technology impact analysis in Europe through the Single European Sky ATM Research Program (SESAR). Allan has also worked with a variety of institutions such as Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics(RTCA) to develop equipment and technology standards.   

Before Allan’s Civilian DoD and NATO career he served a distinguished U.S. Marine Corps career for 22 years as an Air Traffic Control and Facility Watch Officer.  Allan holds a bachelor’s degree in aviation management and a master’s in public administration, with an aviation concentration from Southern Illinois University.