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Benny Gordon Joins Objective Area Solutions

Falls Church, VA – July 5, 2019 – Objective Area Solutions is excited to announce that Benny Gordon has joined the team as a Senior Consultant. Benny’s has 20+ years of expansive experience holding both consultant and leadership roles in corporate, public center, and entrepreneurial positions will provide key knowledge in OAS’s future endeavors.

Benny’s displayed strengths are in the areas of organizational effectiveness, performance management, customer relationship management, program/project management, and training development and delivery. He has a solid background in budgeting, profit-loss management, and business development. First-hand experiences with corporate mergers, large-scale business re-engineering, and business start-up activity have equipped him with a profound working knowledge of business process analysis and improvement. Benny is a decisive, yet collaborative and supportive team leader with experience recruiting, hiring, and retaining talent. He focuses on inclusiveness, trust development, and performance management as the baseline for successful team building. He has worked with a wide array of customer satisfaction assessment tools, CRM systems, and organization cultural / climate assessment instruments.

Benny holds undergraduate degrees in Economics and Education from Texas State University and teaching certifications at the High School level in various states (MD, VA, TX, MN, NJ). High School Public Education and Special Olympics are areas of passion. Many items are on Benny’s ‘Fun Stuff’list, with beaches and baseball at the top. Benny lives in Columbia, Maryland and values time with his wife and three children.