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Objective Area Solutions Welcomes Interns

Objective Area Solutions (OAS) has recently selected three summer interns to help with the creation and implementation of an improved marketing plan. Julia Bartell (class of 2019), Emily Shackleton (class of 2017), and Madalene Ulrich (class of 2017) are three students from the State University of New York at Oswego.

 “I love bringing interns into the organization.  They provide a fresh perspective on internal processes and their energy really adds to our culture.”, said J.J. Stakem, Objective Area Solutions Founder.  “We strive to utilize our intern’s expertise and enthusiasm to continue to find new ways to grow and improve.  In return, we look to be a platform for their professional development and career growth.”    

Julia is majoring in Marketing and minors in Communications and International Business. She is working with OAS to continue to grow a positive reputation and brand for the company and leading OAS’s newsletter and other marketing efforts. Emily recently graduated with a degree in Marketing. She is working with OAS by managing all social media platforms. Madalene majored in Public Relations and minored in Business Administration. She is working with OAS to manage communication channels, ensuring alignment across all of our marketing efforts. She is also working with OAS to enhance the company’s corporate social responsibility efforts.

  The interns are working very closely with Stakem to develop and implement a new marketing plan and strategy throughout the summer. “It’s been a really wonderful experience so far and I am really excited for the opportunity to help such an incredible company.  It’s great to be able to apply what I learned in college to a real-life company and see it come to life,” said Ulrich.  

OAS is based in Washington D.C. and provides specialized consulting services to the United States Government and private sector to improve operational performance, decrease costs, and mitigate risk.  Our staff have extensive operational backgrounds to strengthen the quality, reliability, and impact of our client’s programs.