Tony Ferrante

Chief Strategy Officer

Call Sign:

Tony is the Vice President of Civil Aviation Programs.

Education & Experience

  • Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, majoring in Professional Aeronautics
  • Federal Executive Institute
  • Varied Control Tower Operator Certifications

Tony is a Senior Consultant at OAS and most recently served as the Vice President of Operations at Advanced Aviation Solutions, where he focused on delivering a full array of services associated with all facets of air traffic management, airspace management, and aeronautical information, as well as business strategies, policies and plans associated with the implementation and integration of new technologies.

Tony previously served as the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Executive Director of the Air Traffic Safety Oversight Service (AOV) from 2006 – 2017.  Tony established the internationally recognized regulatory oversight program for air navigation services provided by the Federal Aviation Administration worldwide. Tony also served as the Manager of the FAA’s Air Traffic Investigations Division, the Manager of Terminal and Flight Service Operations and Procedures and has served the FAA in a variety of other air traffic control related positions over his 35-year career.  He also served as an Air Traffic Control Specialist in the USAF.

Tony attended Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, majoring in Professional Aeronautics.  He is also a graduate of Federal Executive Institute, Leadership for a Democratic Society, and a Graduate of the University of Southern California’s Safety Management Course as well as numerous other leadership courses with both the USAF and the FAA. Tony lives in Northern Virginia with his family.

What did you do prior to joining OAS?

Prior to joining OAS I spent over 40 years in government service (6 years U.S. Air Force, 35 years Federal Aviation Administration) all of which was in Air Traffic Control related areas, my last 13 years I served in the FAA’s Senior Executive Service as the Executive Director of the Air Traffic Safety Oversight Service (AOV).

What is something you are passionate about most people wouldn't know?

With as many years as I have in Aviation, many would think that’s my passion, and while it’s deeply ingrained in me, my real passion is grandchildren! Let me know when you have a few hours and I’ll tell you about them!

What is your favorite book?

What sport, hobby, or passion do you have outside of work?

Outside of work, one of my main hobbies and recreational activities is home remodeling. I’ve done jobs such as replumbing the second floor of my house which meant ripping out the virtually the entire ceiling of the first floor, building decks and of course all my own electrical work, and yes, all permitted and inspected.

What is a hidden talent of yours?

What is a super strength of yours?

My super strength is I work for a great company with a great team, together we can accomplish just about everything!