Dr. Sharon Beery

Senior Consultant

Call Sign:

Sharon is a senior consultant and program manager.

Education & Experience

  • Ed.D. - Executive Leadership in Human and Organizational Learning, The George Washington University
  • M.S. Project Management, B.S. Communications Studies
  • PMP - Project Management Professional
  • Everything DiSC, and EQ-i/EQ360 certified

A multi-faceted project management and learning and performance professional, Sharon has a record of ensuring successful talent development, employee retention, and project management practices.  She has designed and implemented project management programs, leadership training, and development programs that improve performance, increases effectiveness, and drives results. Sharon epitomizes the concept of a lifelong learner. In addition to experience leading organizations through CMMI classifications and major change management initiatives, she has received numerous certifications applicable for her various roles and positions throughout her career. These include process and project certifications such as PMP, ITIL, CSM, CPM-EVM; learning and development certifications such as CPLP/CPTD and ATM; and, facilitation certifications such as EQ-i/EQ360, Everything DiSC, and DDI including DDI’s Business Impact Leadership certification.

Sharon received her Bachelor of Science in Management and Communication from UMUC and her Master of Science degree in Project Management from the University of Wisconsin.  She is presently a Doctoral Candidate at the George Washington University working on her Doctorate in Education as part of their Executive Leadership Program in Human and Organizational Learning.

What did you do prior to joining OAS?

Prior to joining OAS, I worked as a contractor within the FAA for three years. Prior to this work, I was with L-3 Communications (now L-3 Technologies) in their National Security Solutions business segment as their Sr. Director for Talent Development & Engagement.

What is something you are passionate about most people wouldn't know?

I am passionate about ageism awareness in the workplace and the nuances associated with this “ism” at both ends of the spectrum; namely, those in their early careers and older workers who are not ready to retire.

What is your favorite book?

As a perpetual learner, I enjoy any book that provides me a different perspective of any topic, particularly in human behavior or anything project/portfolio management related and the intersection between the two.

What sport, hobby, or passion do you have outside of work?

I like to work with my flowers in my outside garden and am an avid indoor plant gardener. I also love to spend time with my 95lb Goldendoodle, Kenai.

What is a hidden talent of yours?

What is a super strength of yours?