Antwain Jackson

Technical Writer/Consultant

Call Sign:

Antwain is a technical writer/consultant

Education & Experience

  • Attended Virginia Commonwealth University. BA in English with a concentration in Writing and Rhetoric.
  • Worked in several government agencies, including FAA and U.S. Census Bureau.
  • Ten years of experience in technical writing with a diverse background that includes everything from proposal writing to information security.

What did you do prior to joining OAS?

Prior to joining OAS, I worked as an IT Security Engineer on a contract for the U.S. Census Bureau. Prior to the Census Bureau, I worked for four years at the FAA working on Information Security Assessments.

What is something you are passionate about most people wouldn't know?

Reading and relaxing. I enjoy reading magazine articles, essays, and short stories. Reading is calming for me. I love vacations because that’s one place I always take advantage of relaxing. I am more of a sit by the beach kind of person instead of going ziplining. Not saying I will not zipline. I just prefer to relax.

What is your favorite book?

It was a book I’ve read recently and I absolutely loved it. It was titled “Five-Carat Soul”, a book of short stories—the subject matter range from fantasy to history. Very interesting stories.

What sport, hobby, or passion do you have outside of work?

Basketball and photography. I do not play basketball as much as I used to; however, I watch it every night and it is also the only video game I will play. I will watch all levels--high school, college, NBA, or WNBA. Fun fact: I covered high school basketball in the early 2010s (for free). I am also passionate about photography. I enjoy the street photography medium, but I enjoy taking candids of my family as well.

What is a hidden talent of yours?

What is a super strength of yours?